How It Works

We take the stress out of daily medication

All of your medications are on one roll with the MedPack Easy

All of your medications on one roll

All of your medications arrive on one roll in a convenient recyclable box. The medications are placed in perforated pouches for easy separation. Once the MedPack arrives you are ready to go.

MedPack Easy to open packages

An accurate, automated dispensing system

Each MedPack is filled by an automated dispensing system and checked throughout the process by a team of Pharmacists. Each pouch is also inspected by a state of the art camera system for accuracy and accountability.

Medication organized by day and time

Organized by day and time

Each pouch of the MedPack is clearly labeled with the day and time the medication should be taken. Over the Counter medications can be added to the Medpack. Keeping track of your medications has never been easier!

MedPack Easy to open packages

Easy to open packages

MedPack pouches have an easy tear edge that makes it easy to open. No more struggling with plastic containers and lost pills.

Add all medications to your mothly MedPack delivery from White Cross Pharmacy

Add everything to your MedPack

Medications that are not in pill form (inhalers, creams, solutions) can be added to your monthly MedPack delivery.

MedBook allows you to see a full week's worth of medication at a time

Get the MedBook to track all of your daily medications at a glance

For customers who find it easier to track medications by seeing a day or week's worth of pills at once, we have the MedBook. This format offers pre-sorted medications packaged into 4 cards, one for each each week of the month.

This convenient format allows customers to see what pills they've already taken and which are remaining for that day or week. Contact us to learn more!

MedBook allows you to manage your medication throughout the day

Take the stress out of daily medications...
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Getting started with the program...

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1. Sign up

We make the process easy for new patients and care givers. Click here to get started and we'll be in touch to help get you setup with the program.

MedPack Cost

2. Cost

There is no additional cost for the MedPack or delivery and your copays should be the same as they are at most retail pharmacies. We accept all Medicare Part D plans and most major commercial insurance plans.

MedPack Customer Service

3. Customer service

Our team is laser focused on getting you the medications you need every month. If you have a question before signing up, contact us for more info.